Fairphone 3, a Modular Phone Made With Care for People and This Planet

As world’s first modular and ethical smartphone, Fairphone has released its latest version Fairphone 3. It’s a smartphone that dares you to be fair, it is made with care for people and our planet, you can expect so much more from this phone. Just like its name suggests, this smartphone has been designed with supply […]


Fonkraft Modular Smartphone by Fonkraft Technologies

While we are waiting for Project Ara come to fruition, Fonkraft Technologies, an Australian start-up, steals the moment with Fonkraft Modular Smartphone. This smartphone allows you to replace the main components such as CPU, RAM, camera, and other modules to meet your needs. Switching the components would be really easy, in fact, you can also […]


Dango Tactical EDC Wallet for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Dango Tactical EDC Wallet is a gorgeous wallet that holds up to 12 cards (both business or credit cards). It’s crafted from genuine top grain leather then secured to Dango wallet chassis with mil-spec bolts. This wallet has been designed specially for outdoor enthusiasts that love keeping things clean and organized. There are more than 14 built-in function within this wallet, including RFID that blocks outsiders to try to steal your information. […]

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