Touch Silicone Watch – Universal Watch Design Allows You to Feel Time

Touch Silicon Watch is a universal watch that allows us to feel the time, a subtle reminder to pay more attention to time and stop wasting it. This concept watch features a rippled texture effect as the watch face, in this way, you need to touch it read the time, it’s more intuitive than seeing. […]


ZIIIRO Eclipse Watch : Simple and Minimalist Watch at Its Best

ZIIIRO Eclipse Watch offers you minimalist and simple watch at its best. It’s the latest watch launched by ZIIIRO, a nice Christmas gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend who loves simple things. As its name suggests, this watch design was inspired by the nature’s most amazing and unusual phenomenon, if you had experienced it, you would never […]


ExoGun DreamPro: Fancy Portable Massage Gun with Affordable Price

Have you ever tried percussive massage technology? It can be life changing, some say. Exogun DreamPro is a fancy portable massage gun, it is designed for just about anyone, especially athletes who enjoy a massage to reduce tension after workouts. Percussive massage provides you with faster recovery […]

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