Gravitistic Watch Utilizes the Power of Magnet to Inform You The Exact Time of The Day

At first sight, you might not see what makes this Gravitistic watch so special. The idea behind the concept is to express the concentration of time, it reminds you to appreciate the moment of the day. Watch closely the units that point towards a minute hand, they are arranged as if they are pulled by […]


Phoenix Vehicle Design with Central Kinetic Axis to Generate The Power

The new Phoenix concept designed by Sergio Loureiro, a Royal College of Art student in London, is some piece of work. This aerodynamic beauty is a sports car which runs on electricity with the overall concept being of reducing energy consumption. This is achieved as the vehicle adopts the alternate energy regeneration system inspired by […]


purME Air – Wearable Air Purifier Mask with Built-in UV-C Light

After a successful first model and many feedback from the community, purME has come back with the second generation, purME Air, the wearable air purifier. We all know that right now, air pollution has become one of biggest threats for human race, it can cause heart attacks, strokes, respiratory diseases, to […]

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