Mobile Station PROMETHEUS Is Your Power and Water Source in Harsh Environments

Mobile station PROMETHEUS has been designed to provide reliable power and water supply in harsh environments. This station consists of telescopic boom with wind generator and flexible solar panels, water generator, water filter, diesel generator, water tanks, communication center. This station can use completely renewable energy or as a hybrid system with diesel generator. Mobile […]


Boeing SkyHook JHL-40 Rotorcraft

Boeing SkyHook JHL-40 is the new stunning aircraft by Boeing and looks more like the design of the WWII period. The aircraft runs on the heavy-lift motorcraft, which can lift up to 40 tons, and can travel a distance of up to 200 miles in one refill. It is designed to travel in regions where […]


ExoGun DreamPro: Fancy Portable Massage Gun with Affordable Price

Have you ever tried percussive massage technology? It can be life changing, some say. Exogun DreamPro is a fancy portable massage gun, it is designed for just about anyone, especially athletes who enjoy a massage to reduce tension after workouts. Percussive massage provides you with faster recovery […]

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