XION CyberX Custom eBike with 100-mile Range and Top Speed at 50-mph

XION CyberX is a custom eBike with fat tires, full suspension, and 2-person seat. It’s a badass looking eBike for just about anything, from daily commute, dirt biking, or mountain bike trails with friends. It’s an extremely durable electric bike for both on and off-road, it has a top speed of 50MPH and a 100-mile […]


Typhoon PRO Electric Dirt Bike with 6,000W Power

Hi-Power Cycles has released Typhoon PRO, en electric dirt bike that would make your ride even more thrilling. This bike offers a great combination of an electric bike and a dirt bike, it has more and important features compared to the base model Typhoon that will dramatically enhance the bike’s performance.


purME Air – Wearable Air Purifier Mask with Built-in UV-C Light

After a successful first model and many feedback from the community, purME has come back with the second generation, purME Air, the wearable air purifier. We all know that right now, air pollution has become one of biggest threats for human race, it can cause heart attacks, strokes, respiratory diseases, to […]

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