Shanghai Cadillac House Features New Technology, Aestheticism, and Self-Expressing Characteristics

Designed for “Me” Generation, Cadillac House in Shanghai features a sleek silhouette with magnetic personality. The exterior design expresses Cadillac individuality, it embraces deconstructivism and digital technologies. This architecture demonstrates Cadillac’s mission to explore stronger relationship between new-technology trends, aestheticism, and self-expressing. It’s a modern expression when people visit this house, they will start a […]


Cadilac Estill Super Car Concept by Ondrej Jirec

Cadilac Estill super car project was born out of the idea of re-designing the classic Cadillac brand with futuristic touch. You can read Ondrej Jirec explanation about this project below. The desired result was to create a concept that maintains clues from the history of the Cadillac brand and introduces a futuristic and fresh vision. […]


ExoGun DreamPro: Fancy Portable Massage Gun with Affordable Price

Have you ever tried percussive massage technology? It can be life changing, some say. Exogun DreamPro is a fancy portable massage gun, it is designed for just about anyone, especially athletes who enjoy a massage to reduce tension after workouts. Percussive massage provides you with faster recovery […]

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