Chillpool : Chill-Whirlpool from GP Designpartners

Chillpool stands for chill-whirlpool. We know that whirlpool means relaxing, having fun, indoors or outdoors, in addition, an outdoor whirlpool can be considered as a comfortable piece of architecture as well. The form of this chill-whirlpool follows the same style of stainless steel swimming pool instead of a bathtub, because stainless steel has been proven […]


Rotterdam Post Office in 2012 by UNStudio

Architects of UNStudio have come up with their competition winning redevelopment and extremely fabulous structure of a former post office in Rotterdam. This building is approximately 44.000 m2 in surface. This is surely going to be a historical monument in the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This monument will include a vertical entrance and a […]


ExoGun DreamPro: Fancy Portable Massage Gun with Affordable Price

Have you ever tried percussive massage technology? It can be life changing, some say. Exogun DreamPro is a fancy portable massage gun, it is designed for just about anyone, especially athletes who enjoy a massage to reduce tension after workouts. Percussive massage provides you with faster recovery […]

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