The Ultra-Portable Eolic Foldable Wind-Powered Generator Can Become an Alternative Power Source

The Eolic is an easily foldable wind-powered generator concept that has been designed to use in rural areas where no electricity supply is available. Also, the generator can be used as an alternative power source in small housings with its easy-to-store equipments in one package. Eolic has been crafted from lightweight materials like carbon fiber […]


Eco-Friendly Nokia Phone Empowered With Bio Battery

The concept green phone has specially been designed for Nokia as an alternative power source of expensive and valuable resource consuming batteries that are hard to disposal and damaging to the environment. The key objective of the concept is to replace traditional batteries with bio battery to create a phone that helps keeping the environment […]


Rimowa Aluminum Attaché Briefcase for A New Generation

Made in Köln, Germany, RIMOWA releases Aluminum Attaché Case in silver. It reminds you of the classic design with modern touch as it revives the briefcase for a new generation. It still features RIMOW iconic grooves on its anodized aluminum surface, it is smooth with rounded edges. Designed for contemporary business use, this briefcase features luxurious black […]

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