TAB Is Not Just Your Ordinary Table

TAB is a dual dining table concept that can save your time and space by featuring different compartments for storing different office usable stuffs. Razy2, a Gdansk based design studio has envisioned this useful home office table where the hidden storage compartments can be revealed by simply pulling the particular section. You can store pens, papers or other small desk articles in different compartments which will allow you to find them out easily and when the compartments are closed, it becomes a usual dining table. The material that has been used to make the table is solid ash which has really made it durable and sturdy.

tab home office table

tab home office table

tab home office table

tab home office table

Designer : Razy2

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3 thoughts on “TAB Is Not Just Your Ordinary Table

  1. Great concept, but like Tony said, what would happen if you spilled your drink? It would ruin all the things you store in your table.

    You could water proof it, and it looks like it has a few drains. Still, I don't see many people using it, unless it has more visual appeal and "futuristic" design and function.

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