Syrinx Wearable Voicebox Concept Restores User’s Natural Voice

Syrinx Wearable Voicebox is a concept device that restores your voice from the past. Some people are forced to remove their voice box due to cancer, that means they won’t be able to speak using their vocal cords anymore. Syrinx has been designed to vibrate your throat, helping you to speak in your voice by moving your mouth. Existing device EL (Electrolarynx) gives voice to these patients yet the voice was totally different, most patients are not satisfied with that device due to unnatural voice. Syrinx aims to enable these people to enjoy speaking using their own voice again.

Designed as a hands-free wearable device, Syrinx is totally different from existing device on the market where it must be pressed against user’s neck with a hand when they need to speak. It can be such a big inconvenient when user needs to do two handed tasks such as typing, eating, or driving.

Syrinx Wearable Voice Box by Ahn Jaesol

Syrinx has been designed to feature three main functions: generate natural voice, hands-free, and stress-free design. It is possible to generate natural voice. Normally, air from lung vibrates vocal cord to make a sound then the sound source passes through mouth and lip area, thus becoming a syllable. However, a patient with removed voice cord doesn’t have a sound source, this is where Syrinx comes in, it works as external sound source by vibrating throat area. It uses complicated vibration patterns generated by AI to generate natural voice. It operates automatically, user doesn’t need to press it against their neck. The stylish design makes user doesn’t want to hide it, it is also customisable to user’s taste.

At the moment, Syrinx by Ahn Jaesol is under development to reduce the noise from the vibration for the device. The prototype looks very promising, we believe it would improve the life of people who have lost their voice cords due to cancer.

Syrinx Wearable Voice Box by Ahn Jaesol

Syrinx Wearable Voice Box by Ahn Jaesol

Syrinx Wearable Voice Box by Ahn Jaesol

Syrinx Wearable Voice Box by Ahn Jaesol

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9 thoughts on “Syrinx Wearable Voicebox Concept Restores User’s Natural Voice

  1. I want to buy this Syrinx is an artificial larynx that mimics the wearer’s former voice.


    And delivery charges for Pakistan.

  2. A non-invasive answer to the cumbersome electro-larynx, this is a wonderful idea. How soon do you think it will be in production? Can you estimate the retail price?

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