Synaesynth Project Transforms Color into Musical Sound

Technology can allow us to re-interpret or re-experience the world around us. The Synaesynth project by Melbourne-based designer Daniel Kerris converts color into musical sound. The system comprises a combination of hardware and software that allows the user to explore the imagined musical properties of color within the world around them, their favorite painting, or even their own face.

The Synaesynth experiments loosely with the idea of “porting” one sense into another, but does so in a constricted way – conforming to musical theory in order to generate pleasurable harmonies. The rules that dictate how the output is constricted can be manipulated through function buttons that alter the pitch, scale and instrument used. Additionally, there are play and record buttons which allow the user to capture and loop keystroke patterns as well as a freezeframe button that captures and holds a given frame of video so the user can lock-in a palette of their choosing. The device runs using an Arduino microcontroller interacting with a Processing app via USB cable. It takes a 5v power supply.

The designer has described the device as being “…a kind of playable wind chime, except that the wind has been replaced with colors.”

Designer : Daniel Kerris

Synaesynth Project by Daniel Kerris

Synaesynth Project by Daniel Kerris

Synaesynth Project by Daniel Kerris

Synaesynth Project by Daniel Kerris

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