Sylvain Gerber Created The Perfect Solution For Shaving On The Run

Do you always forget to shave before an important meeting, because you wasted your time preparing for something else? The Braun Mobile Shave is the perfect thing for you. The interesting device has been designed for the electric shave company, Braun, by Sylvain Gerber. Somehow, the shaver shape and size remind me of a mobile phone.

Braun Mobile Shaver reveals itself after the user press the two side buttons and after he flips the shaver’s body to 180 degrees. The user can choose the side case fabrication materials which are metal and plastic quality, this gives the shaver a more robust side. The grid pattern is simple and functional. Underneath the razor there is a small case, which contains a cleaning brush, which is used to keep the shaver’s grid clean.  The design of the product is sober and elegant. The simple and pure lines and the side case speak a new design language, when it comes to shaver design.

Designer : Sylvain Gerber

braun mobile shave1

braun mobile shave2

braun mobile shave3

braun mobile shave4

braun mobile shave5

braun mobile shave6

braun mobile shave7

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