Sway : Electric Tilting Trike by Joe Wilcox

Sway will make you think twice about movement. Sway combines thrill and performance of leaning into turns just like a motorcycle, but this time, you don’t have to worry about falling over like when you ride two wheels vehicle. Currently in the market, we already have tilting three wheelers, however, they are offered in very expensive price and complex structure. This unique sporty tilting three-wheel electric vehicle has been designed to meet the needs of a tilting trike that is not complex or over-priced, yet still offers a various advantages over a two wheeler. It was started as a senior thesis of Joe Wilcox and eventually has turned into Sway.


At this time Sway uses a 20AH 60v LiFePO4 battery pack producing a 10 mile range. In production we are hoping to scale this up to 60AH for 30 mile range.

Charger is a 60v/5a trickle charger that takes around two hours to fully charge from a 110v wall socket. Charge time can be reduced drastically with larger chargers. LiFePO4 batteries can be charged very rapidly if you provide enough juice. Sway will be a street legal moped-class vehicle. Some terrains are better than others, but as you can see from the video, it is very versatile.

Designer : Joe Wilcox

Sway Motorsports Three Wheel Electric Scooter

Sway Motorsports Three Wheel Electric Scooter

Sway Motorsports Three Wheel Electric Scooter

Sway Motorsports Three Wheel Electric Scooter

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8 thoughts on “Sway : Electric Tilting Trike by Joe Wilcox

  1. Hi, I have seen your video on the sway motorsports website. I am very interested in purchasing one right away. Do you know when you will have thëm available to sell to the public? please email me and let me know when. Thank you. Debra Lofton

  2. I saw your product on shark tank, I would be interested in a test riding it. I heard that you said it cost $79.99 on shark tank, but I’m not sure if that was $80 or $8000. Is there a location near Los Angeles where we can look at your product?

  3. Im very interested in buying one please let me know when they are in the market.I saw your product at Shark tank and I want two for my boys .I live in Hobart Indiana and I think your product invention is awesome .If I’m not mistaken you said it sells for $79.99 . .Please keep me updated on availability.Thankyou Cristina Tinoko.

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