SurfaceSoap UV Device Cleans Any Surfaces from Bacterias and Viruses in Seconds

Faster than wiping, SurfaceSoap UV from PhoneSoap offers you a powerful disinfection tool that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in seconds. Seriously, you might not know that most solvent-based household cleaners can take about up to four minutes to disinfect, this device kills germs faster than that. This compact tool fits easily in your desk/drawer/purse, wipe any surface with this wand-shaped device, it’ll kill viruses in seconds with a simple wave of your hand, thanks to its UV-C light. [Buy It Here]

SurfaceSoap UV

The company promises that SurfaceSoap UV would work 10x more powerful than competitors. It uses high-quality UV-C bulbs to prevent the spread of germs and cross contamination. Every device comes with a stylish travel case so that you can take it everywhere easily. Please always remember that UV-C light does kill bacteria and viruses, but it is also harmful to skin and eyes, therefore, we strongly suggest that you keep SurfaceSoap UV away from pets and children. [Buy It Here]

SurfaceSoap UV

SurfaceSoap UV

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