Stylish Art Deco Home Bar Display by David Wildman

Designed by David Wildman, Art Deco Home Bar Display was inspired by the good ol’ days of the 20s. Researching through pics and clips from the 20s, it is clearly that our grandparents had style. This classic style home bar takes you back in time through its elegant vertical lines and streamlined surfaces, that multi-tiered wooden structure has a vintage feel while keeping your glassware safe until you’re ready to entertain.

Art Deco Home Bar Display by David Wildman

Art Deco Home Bar Display can keep up to two double old fashioned glasses inside each of its four hidden compartments, they are also sealed with magnetic closures. Handmade in North Carolina, this home bar display would add retro modern touch in your kitchen or dining room, a perfect centerpiece for your cocktail hour. [Buy It Here]

Art Deco Home Bar Display by David Wildman

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