Stylish and Sexy Bianchi Carbon Urban Bike by Gucci

Luxury Bianchi Carbon Urban Bike by Gucci features sleek and minimalist black carbon fiber frame finished with Gucci’s signature in green-red-green web stripe. Gucci logo can also be seen on the seat. Designed by Frida Giannini herself, this Bianchi bike offers 2 different models: an 11-speeds black carbon fiber bike and a single-speed stylish white city bike.

Designer : GUCCI

Bianchi Carbon Urban Bike by Gucci

Bianchi Carbon Urban Bike by Gucci

The black version has been specifically designed as urban or off-road bike that features carbon form and disc brakes, perfect to use when you need to have a weekend gateway. You can ride it in both the city and in the countryside. The white single-speed bike is an ideal bike to use when you need to cruise in the city with elegance. The frame and saddle have been designed with customized leather grips as well as the iconic Gucci detailing.

Bianchi Carbon Urban Bike by Gucci

From the collaboration of these two unique Italian firms, a series of accessories to complement this Bianchi carbon urban bike is also released, such as a helmet, gloves and a water bottle. As Bob Ippolito, CEO of Bianchi, said that the Frida Giannini’s design vision had given Bianchi the opportunity to develop new models which are different and unique for all cycling enthusiasts.

If you think that you can’t afford this bike, well, you’re probably right. The black model of Bianchi carbon urban bike comes with $14,000 USD price tag while the white version is “only” for $6,200 USD.

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