STRUCTURELAB S1 Sunshade System

I know that this website is supposed to be about futuristic things stuff, but when I saw this sunshade, I can’t help but posting it here. The shape of SRUCTURELAB S1 is so cool, a free-curved sail revolutionizes the world of umbrellas. This S1 umbrella is very elegant and light, it can create unique atmosphere day or at night (effectively illuminated), perfect design of outdoor spaces and sun shading solutions.

structurelab s1 sunshades

structurelab s1 sunshades

STRUCTURELAB S1 was developed cooperatively by architects and membrane-engineers, aimed at the creation of an unique and extraordinary design object. The STRUCTURELAB S1 sunshade system is the amazing synthesis of elegance and functionality – the elegance of a lightweight solar sail and the sustainable functionality of a mobile umbrella system.

structurelab s1 sunshades

structurelab s1 sunshades

Designer : StructureLab

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