Stone In The Creek : Wall Basin Mixer Concept Saves Water In Efficient Way

Stone in the Creek is a wall basin mixer concept that can radically reduce the amount of water wastage during everyday use. This useful concept has two modes, one is Straight flow mode and another one is Side flow mode. Water flows straight as usual when it is in Straight flow mode, which releases water fast and in high volume, ideal for pouring water. On the other hand, the Side flow mode offers larger surface area of water than Straight flow mode but fewer volume of water flowing per second. This mode is ideal for rinsing large objects or washing hands.

stone in the creek

stone in the creek

Stone is common element that is found in creek. Stone and water always exist together. Stone is hard and strong; water is soft and transformable. Stone’s strong nature acts as a counterbalance to water softness. They are good partner in the nature world.

Creek is a platform for water stream to move into different ways. Without a large rock or stone blocked in the creek, the water stream move in smooth, regular and strong. When some rocks or stones are in the creek, the water flow is blocked. Then, it moves along the side of rocks. It moves in irregular and weak.

stone in the creek

To apply this idea to develop the concept of the tap, the Dish of the tap represents the creek. When stone is pulled up, the water flows straight. When stone is pushed down, the water flows is blocked and spreads along the side of stone.

The Stone is act as “on and off” function. When the Stone turns anti-clockwise, it releases water. The Dish is water temperature control. When it turns anti-clockwise, it changes hot water. When it turns clockwise, it changes cold water.

stone in the creek

stone in the creek

Designer : Wong Ngo Bun

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