Step Chair with Beautiful Gradation Colors

The step chair designed by Seton Spadt, a student at the Philedelphia University is definitely an eye catcher. As per him he was inspired by Wilson Art’s Laminate wherein the steps represents the transformation happened over the the last century or so. The steps indicate the way the company has progressed to be a market leader as it is today thus sitting on this one gets a feeling of being the king of the world! The color combination used for the steps are some of the best sellers that has come from them; overall a suitable visual tribute for one of pioneer firm of the last century. If you need further information, you can contact the designer here : [email protected]

step chair

step chair

step chair

Designer : Seton Spadt

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One thought on “Step Chair with Beautiful Gradation Colors

  1. Step chair with the beautiful gradation colors, i don’t think the design is more comfortable to seat properly and for a long time.

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