Standing Broom Prevents The Bristles From Becoming Bent

I always hang my broom to avoid bending the bristles, this is a great way to maintain the useful life of the broom. However, there are times when I have to stop to rest where walls are distance away, I simply would have to lay the broom on the floor, or even when there’s a wall next to me, it doesn’t mean there’s a peg or rack to hang the broom. Standing Broom solves all those issues right away, it’s a broom that has been designed to be able to stand up by itself through a folding action. There’s no need to bend down to pick up your broom that lays on the floor, this is a good solution for elderly people as well.

Standing Broom also prevents the bristles from becoming bent or damage, user simply applies downward pressure on the handle to fold the head of the broom, then turns the handle clockwise to lock it in place. You can checkout the images for better understanding. Unlocking the broom is also really simple, just turn the handle counter clockwise on the block will snap the Standing Broom’s head back into its vertical position.

Designer : Poh Liang Hock

Standing Broom by Poh Liang Hock

Standing Broom by Poh Liang Hock

Standing Broom by Poh Liang Hock

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