Stand Up Tea Infuser Steeps Your Tea Leaves Without a Mess

Steep your tea without making a mess. Stand Up Tea Infuser allows you to enjoy freshly brewed cup of tea, there’s nothing like the serenity when steeping/brewing your tea, the aroma itself is calming in and of itself. The stand-up design allows you enjoy your favorite loose-leaf blend without worry, the steeper stands completely upright on its own coaster while keeping moisture off your tabletop.

It’s a beautiful piece of tea infuser, made of stainless steel and acacia wood, a unique tool that lasts for countless brews to come. We highly recommend that you use infuser to steep or brew your tea as it delivers purest form of tea from loose leaves. [Buy It Here]

Stand Up Tea Infuser

Stand Up Tea Infuser

Stand Up Tea Infuser

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