SS18 – Supersports Yacht Features Great Comfort, Stability, Maneuverability, and Agility

Riding SS18 (Super Sports) Yacht is a statement of high-speed, futuristic, and pure luxury. Each unit is designed and engineered in the same custom-made manner that you can find in the private jets or F1cars, SS represents Glider Yachts’ progressive modern performance in marine design.

This sporty yacht offers you an exclusive ride, enjoyable and fun, giving you one-of-a-kind experience where arrival and departure is a silent affair. The appearance of this yacht would turn heads at any location.

Designer : Glider Yachts

Supersports Yacht by Glider Yachts

Supersports Yacht by Glider Yachts

This amazing ride offers ultimate levels of comfort, stability, maneuverability, as well as agility that never been seen in a sports day boat. It’s a nice sporty yacht for those with a fast paced, demanding lifestyle, they can gain control to a power reaching up to 56+ knots to ensure they can reach their destination in no time. Built in UK, SS18 utilizes advanced marine composites and finest materials. It’s been designed with luxurious and spacious open cockpit for a Pilot and 4 guests.

Supersports Yacht by Glider Yachts

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