Spyderco C188ALTIBBKP Dog Tag Folding Knife Looks Just Like A Military Dog Tag

Inspired by Serge Panchenko’s popular custom designs, Spyderco has come up with Spyderco C188ALTIBBKP Dog Tag Folding Knife. It’s a pocket knife that features a chisel-ground CPM S30V blade with titanium handle. If you know Spyderco knives, then you would know this model is a departure from its typical folding knife, the handle is constructed from solid titanium that accurately replicates the size and shape of a military dog tag. The center of the handle scale is machined in order to create an integral spring bar that houses a steel bar bearing from the blade’s detent mechanism. The top of the handle, there’s an aluminum back strap that controls blade’s movement both the open and closed positions, giving user protection from the edge when it is closed.

Both, the blade and handle, are coated with black titanium carbonitride. It is also designed with Spyderco Round Hole trademark to allow for easy opening while the subtle swedge and a decorative fuller near the spine add a nice style. The round aluminum disk at the pivot offers stability and strength as well as an aesthetic touch to the overall appearance.

From : Spyderco [Buy It Here]

Spyderco C188ALTIBBKP Dog Tag Folding Knife

Spyderco C188ALTIBBKP Dog Tag Folding Knife

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