Sponsored Posts FAQ

Get more exposure to your brand/service/product through editorial content with our Sponsored Post campaign. All sponsored posts will be marked as “Sponsored Post” and published between our regular posts.

Sponsored Posts: FAQ

Q: Who will write the post?
A: The draft of the Sponsored Post is written by the advertiser and edited by our team in order to keep with the writing style of Tuvie.

Q: How long does the post stay on Tuvie website?
A: The post and links are guaranteed for 6 months.

Q: Will the post be featured on the homepage?
A: Yes. It also depends on the content of the article itself, if it’s really interesting, our readers might pick it up and makes it one of most popular posts of the week. In this case, the link of the article will stay on the homepage for a week.

Q: Are there companies that you don’t accept Sponsored Posts from?
A: If the advertisers don’t have relevant product/service for our readers, we won’t accept the sponsored post but suggest a different advertising option.

Q: Will you promote my post on social media?
A: Yes, all Sponsored Posts will be promoted via RSS feed, Twitter and Facebook, just like the rest of the posts.

Q: How many pageviews will my Sponsored Post get?
A: It depends on the content of your post. If the post is simply a description of your company than it wouldn’t get much traffic. Please keep in mind what is relevant and interesting to our readers when you create a sponsored post.

Q: How many links do I get?
A: Our Sponsored Posts only accept 2 links: one for your company name as introduction e.g. “This post is brought to you by ABC Company…”), and then one more link in the content of the piece with the anchor text of your choice. The purpose of sponsored post is not to manipulate the search engine but to promote your brand/product/service.

Q: Can I buy a text link on your site or sponsor an existing page?
A: No.

Q: Do you offer a discount if I buy multiple Sponsored Posts?
A: Yes, please contact us (advertise@tuvie.com) to negotiate the rate, as we look forward to having long term relationship with you.

*Some of our stories include affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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