Speedway Is An Efficient Traffic System That Incorporates And Takes Out The Most From The Compact Electric Car

To ensure smooth commuting for the future, designing a compact and electric powered car is not enough. Available and next generation electric cars lack the ability for long range drives. But without this ability most car owners won´t switch from oil to electric.

The Speedway system creates an update for the existing infrastructure to improve the range an speed of common and electric cars. This update consists of a linear motor beneath the street surface. The motor works contact-free which allows an implementation without changing the upper surface of the road. Everybody can keep using their normal cars or change to the speedway System by using an adapter for their old car.

This means you can use an electric car that covers about 90 percent of your common commutes with a range of about 120 miles. At the times you need more range you drive on the freeway or Autobahn and link into the speedway system. You travel on the system with the power of magnetic waves and also get your battery loaded while driving.

Designer : Christian Förg



The possibility to drive with autopilot is integrated into the system, since it can exactly detect the position of your car. However, drivers can always override the system to steer by themselves, but the vehicle can park itself automatically without any assistance. So you don’t have to drive around the block to search for a parking spot but get out of your car where you want to and call it when you want to leave. You can read more about this project at Lumod




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One thought on “Speedway Is An Efficient Traffic System That Incorporates And Takes Out The Most From The Compact Electric Car

  1. Problem: share magway with Light RR trains.
    Otherwise TOO costly to produce, Love the idea anyway.
    Do more R&D
    Concept is GOOD

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