Sound Egg Speaker was Inspired by Tilting Dolls

Sound Eggs are a superb device for gadget enthusiasts. This is a pair of wireless multimedia speakers that can be used with computers or any other devices with wireless interface. Simple white eggs and tilting dolls are the main inspiration of this unique design. The white case of the speaker is pointing on an egg shell and the orange speaker denotes an egg yolk. There is no accurate support for the speaker but a cargo is installed in the bottom part of the speaker that holds them in the inclined or vertical position. You can create some unusual sound effects by twisting them about the axis and whipping top.

soundeggs speaker

soundeggs speaker

soundeggs speaker

Designer : Ilshat Garipov

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2 thoughts on “Sound Egg Speaker was Inspired by Tilting Dolls

  1. Seriously, when are these speakers for sale? 😀 You should start a kickstarter for this project. I'd be happy to be your very first buyer for the sound eggs 🙂

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