SOS Stick Trekking Pole by Kim Jieon

Just in case a hiker encounters an accident or needs a help, this concept trekking pole called SOS Stick becomes really helpful. It contains a flare and a trigger which hiker can use to inform rescuers of his or her location, especially when this hiker is in mountainous terrain. This tool uses both audio and visual signals to enable the rescue team to locate the victim faster. A trigger is located on the handle, use it to launch a smoke flare. Pressing a safety pin on the handle will release a handle and allow access to the flare which is stored inside the pole’s aluminum shaft.

Designer : Kim Jieon

SOS Stick by Kim Jieon

SOS Stick by Kim Jieon

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One thought on “SOS Stick Trekking Pole by Kim Jieon

  1. Brilliant. Wouldn't using the whole pole provide stronger propulsion? At least explosion of launch would be farther from face & hands.

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