Sony Ericsson PSP Phone Concept

Mobile phones with camera, mp3 player, mobile TV station, and GPS receiver can be found nowadays, all features mentioned also available in Sony Ericsson cell phone. What about mobile gaming ? Sony Ericsson is recently filling patent about Sony Ericsson PSP Phone concept. After all, who’s better positioned to create a perfect mobile gaming platform than Sony ?

sony ericsson psp phone concept

sony ericsson psp phone concept

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49 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson PSP Phone Concept

  1. may we know the aproximate date and price of this phone??if the design above is the exact apearance of the phone thats Great,really really Great….!!!!

  2. holy shit, whats with the mind of the R&D behind the SONY company. This is great! gotta go starving myself to buy one >.<

  3. yeah um this phone is gonna cost a gazillion dollars considering the x1 which is the phone and processor for this beast costs 600 minimum this thing will be like 800 or more making it cost more than the ps3 not to mention because of its small size it will cost maybe even 1000

  4. This is only a concept of what the psp phone could look like, the patent was only just filed this month so it could be a couple years before this phone becomes a reality in north america. But an amazing design non the less.

  5. The last phone I will ever need…ever. Most phones are for talking and have some okayish games on them but this one is a game system with the phone as an addied feature. perfect for gamers and talkers too. plus a camera on it? (changing my pants)..

  6. i love the look, hope the phone is good though lol, would be awkwrd if the looks are good but the phone is shit

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