Solis Solar Powered Vehicle That Contributes Electricity To The City

The challenge of this project was to create a vehicle that we could park easily in a highly populated area. Solis is a solar powered commuter vehicle features semi-transparent solar panels on doors and roofing to generate electric power which is stored in the battery. Due to its compact size, 2 Solis can be parked in one regular parking space. This will solve the issue of limited parking space without the need to change the parking lot layout. It’s been designed with a retractable power cord where the driver can plug it into the parking meter to provide the city with electricity through its solar panels, thus paying for its parking space. If there’s not enough sunlight, the parking meter acts as a changing station in exchange for payment.

Solis design combines the freedom of motorcycle with the safety and comfort of a car, it offers new and better way of commuting and parking in highly populated areas. Solis utilizes the same wheelbase as a smart car but with a visually lower center of gravity. This way, both passengers are placed in the center of the car, protected by the wheels which will give great protection during a crash. We think this is an innovative vehicle design. Not only Solis is combustion free and takes less space, it is also stylish, eco friendly, and contributes to the city with electricity.

Designer : Mika Becktor

Solis Solar Powered Vehicle
Solis Solar Powered Vehicle

Solis Solar Powered Vehicle

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