SOLID GRAY Aluminum Backpack Is Only Available in Limited Quantities

SOLID GRAY has released the aluminum version of its famous backpack design. The old model uses custom engineered polymer, this time, you have the option to own a backpack made with high-tech composite material. It’s a nice and durable backpack to protect your high-end gear.

Made out of layered-aluminum polymer composite, this backpack offers exceptional properties with an amazing look and feel. It’s designed for those who want the best and always seek something unique, just like other backpacks, this model is only available in limited numbers, it is not mass produced.

Designer : Solid Gray

SOLID GRAY Aluminum Backpack

SOLID GRAY Aluminum Backpack

It is thinner, lighter, yet stronger. The aluminum edition of SOLID GRAY backpack offers a fusion between style and performance, it’s a beautiful piece to protect your gear on-the-go, the brushed and coated metal surface is highly scratch proof with spectacular luster. Featuring the same cool folding design, the aluminum model also introduces unique “Switch System”, the shoulder straps can be attached or released in seconds. Since this backpack is available in limited quantities, each one has its own unique serial number, engraved proof of quality that reflects the work and attention in each piece. There’s an easy-to-grab hidden handle that retracts itself when not needed.

SOLID GRAY Aluminum Backpack

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SOLID GRAY Aluminum BackpackSOLID GRAY Aluminum BackpackSOLID GRAY Aluminum BackpackSOLID GRAY Aluminum Backpack

SOLID GRAY Aluminum Backpack

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