Solar Rucksack Generates Thermal Energy from Sun To Keep Users Warm

The solar rucksack is an innovative backpack concept that has been designed to keep the bodily warmth of users in icy conditions, especially for those who love to climb on mountains peaks or treks or works in polar states. The outer surface of the backpack features solar panels that collect solar energy from the sun and converts it to thermal energy. To distribute the generated heat evenly to the user’s body, a circular patch has been utilized on the clothing that remains attached with the backpack via a connecting pipe. Aside from its ultimate functionality, the stylish design of the backpack aims to enhance the user’s aesthetic than other usual backpacks.

solar rucksack

solar rucksack

solar rucksack

Designer : Kim Jangwoon, Lee Youngmin, Jung Soonho and Namgung Mina

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One thought on “Solar Rucksack Generates Thermal Energy from Sun To Keep Users Warm

  1. Must for late Fall & winter hiking esp for NE & Mid Atlantic states & for CA, NV, WY etc.
    Must for:
    Search Rescue

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