Soft Phone Concept – Fold Your Phone !

Using soft materials, this Soft Phone concept is a finalist in Tancher Award 2008. The interface features its fabric material, to define the function modules by extrusion and fold. This soft phone concept is based on the fabric digital display technology, which will lead to a new experience in more flexible cell phone operation. Jian Qian says “The Bluetooth earphone buckled to the string can charge the phone by Electromagnetic Induction. The material of the interface is fabric while the one of clip and circle is silica gel, which makes the phone very soft and portable.”

soft phone concept

Different directions of extruding make different functions for the phone and the camera.

future soft phone concept

soft phone concept phone

Camera Usage (Extruding vertically)
Extruding to a little extend: focus (take photos) ,
Extruding to a larger extend: pulling the trigger
Release: Photo finish

futuristic cell phone soft phone concept

smart cell phone soft phone concept

Designer : Jian Qian

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