Smart Lifehammer 2-in-1 Car Emergency Tool Matches The Interior of Your Car

Smart Lifehammer Car Emergency Tool is one of safety tool that you need to have in your car. It is 2-in-1 tool developed with highest technical standards to provide you with a handy tool in case of emergency. As your ultimate escape tool from your car, Lifehammer functions as a window breaker and a seat belt cutter. When you are dealing with challenging situations and need to get out of the vehicle, take this tool out and press this emergency hammer against window of your vehicle. The ceramic head would break the window easily in the event of emergency or accident. The seat belt cutter of course will come in handy to release yourself or help unconscious people who can’t unlocked their seatbelt.

The new design of Smart Lifehammer Car Emergency Tool would match any interior of your car. each unit comes with 3M adhesive tape where you can place this tool within reach and not on an airbag. [Buy It Here]

Smart Lifehammer Car Emergency Tool

Smart Lifehammer Car Emergency Tool

Smart Lifehammer Car Emergency Tool

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