Smart and Innovative Dispensing with Share Trash

Being inspired by the ‘Share’ button that countless websites are using now to offer a handy way to promote their content to rest of the world, the Share Trash also contains a share banner on its foot pedal. This ‘Share’ marked foot pedal has been innovatively designed to make the lid open when someone steps over it, making it easier to toss the trash inside. The unique part of the design is, it contains a live LED counter that shows the record of how many steps have already the foot pedal been received, so that the user can have an idea about the free space inside. This trash keeps the garbage out of site, at the same times, offers a convenient hands-free dispensing.

smart and innovative share trash

smart and innovative share trash

Designer : Burak Kaynak

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One thought on “Smart and Innovative Dispensing with Share Trash

  1. Innovative foot pedal? Correct me if I am wrong but there are a LOT of trash bins with foot pedals to open the lid right? The whole design seems kinda pointless to be honest. If you want to know how full it is open it and see. It would be extremely inaccurate because for example, someone may come by and open it then put one piece of trash in but the next person that opens it may put 4 pieces in but the reading would still only show as 2.

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