Small Anvera 48 Yacht Features Carbon Fiber Hull

Anvera 48 yacht has been designed based on a ten-year experience in competitions. It’s a small yacht not only lightweight but also exceptionally resistant and safe. Anvera 48 features complex and technological design with special attention to materials and smallest details, it’s been built using unidirectional and multi-axial carbon, thick high-density PVC, and epoxy resin. That carbon fiber hull offers better safety for the passengers as well as hydrodynamic below the waves. The rear deck is a great space as lounging area where passengers can hangout and enjoy sunshine and the view.

Anvera 48 Yacht

Anvera 48 Yacht

Anvera 48 features dual 550hp engines that reach a maximum speed of 55 knots. It can accommodate a maximum people on board up to 12 persons.

Anvera 48 Yacht

More images of Anvera48 Yacht:
Anvera 48 YachtAnvera 48 YachtAnvera 48 YachtAnvera 48 YachtAnvera 48 YachtAnvera 48 YachtAnvera 48 Yacht

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