SMACH Z Handheld PC : Play Your PC Games On-The-Go

Need something more than your smartphone games? SMACH Z is the next generation of handheld PC, it is powerful enough to play any AAA game natively. Since tablets and smartphones have taken over handhelds, SMACH Team aims to a handheld console that plays real games for gamers on a dedicated gaming platform.

This game console uses AMD’s powerful embedded lower-powered SOC, which has been proven to offer high performance as well as power efficiency on portable devices. Play your PC games on-the-go, it’s not just a dream anymore. It comes with more than 10,000 games out of the box, no need to purchase them separately again, simply load and play any game from Steam Library. The battery is powerful enough to give you 5 hours playtime, including DOTA, Team Fortress 2, SOMA, Civilization V, and many more. The great thing about SMACH Z is that, it’s a handheld PC, so basically you can install any game or program that you want, including emulators.

Designer : SMACH Team

SMACH Z - The Handheld Gaming PC

SMACH Z - The Handheld Gaming PC

SMACH Z - The Handheld Gaming PC

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