Slice Collections Designed by Karim Rashid

Slicing anything starting from a vegetable to a paper is easier now with the “Slice”. This is a great innovation indeed which will satiate almost all people who like things to be cut neatly. These efficient slice knives are available in unique shapes which make them easier to hold. They are colored light green which makes them attractive and soothing. You can peel the apples easily with the tender touch of this knife. It is also possible to open the envelopes with the slice. The sharp blade is placed in such a manner that it will cut anything and everything without hurting you in any way.

slice collection from karim rashid

slice collection from karim rashid

slice collection from karim rashid

Designer : Karim Rashid for Slice

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One thought on “Slice Collections Designed by Karim Rashid

  1. when are the stick (pen) type box cutters going to be available. I would like to try them out in our industrial production plant.

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