SleepBox : Sleeping Capsule for Public and Shopping Centers

The SleepBox concept is actually a freestanding box shaped sleeping capsule that are meant to be dotted around transport centers or expedition areas where people can have uninterrupted and sound sleep with great luxury. The bed of the concept is designed to change its line automatically via rollers. The interior has been designed with functional ventilation system, Wi-Fi, TV, power outlets and storage space for luggage. Additionally, a quartz light has been used in between users to kill the inside germs. However, this thing has to be placed in a place where people really respect public property. Otherwise, they can be misused by different types of bad citizens.

sleepbox from arch group

sleepbox from arch group

sleepbox from arch group

sleepbox from arch group

sleepbox from arch group

sleepbox from arch group

sleepbox from arch group

sleepbox from arch group

Designer : Arch Group via Core77

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6 thoughts on “SleepBox : Sleeping Capsule for Public and Shopping Centers

  1. I can just imagine an “adventure” in a SleepBox… It’s kind of a good idea, but it can also be a BAD IDEA.
    Imagine, though, the public providing free beds for … anyone. Depending on how you look at it, this could solve or hinder many of todays societal issues.
    Probably wouldn’t be free though, right? It would most likely charge a fee for a certain amount of time.

  2. Apps for:

    NE US Airports for Winter, shelters,

    NE US RR Depots, HS, Colleges.

    Temp shelters, Near wildfire zones,

    flood zones, Rear Area-Iraq,

    Airports for air crash victims,


    Trade shows.

    Movie debuts

    CA Oscar, Grammy Nights

    CA New Year Rose Parade, Pasadena CA USA.

    Near Bus depots NE US,

    Near major RR crossings, towns.

    All shipped by Air, Sea, Truck from anyplace.

    Have plants in US, Canada, Mexico, China.

    For Emerg Use NO Fee

    For std Airport, RR Depot use- Pay Fee

    (save emergencies) IE

    US Airsways crash into Hudson River NY, 1988

    Pan Am flight etc.

  3. Great fckin' idea!!! You could charge less than hotels, probably even charge per hour. Perfect for the economical traveler, student, or anyone for any need really. Again, great fckin' idea!!!

  4. They already have something equivalent to these in Japan, but they aren't as big.

    You could use them for the same function though. Some people finish work late and don't want to drive. So they pay $30 to sleep in a capsule that offers a bed, fan, and tv. Pretty neat. Some offer wifi.

    Your product, being larger, would be ideal for a college setting if you put in a toilet. It already has a study desk and everything. 4/5

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