Single Person Cooker (SPC) : Compact Cooker Design

Designed by Alex Bradley, SPC is a smart cooker for people who are living alone and hate to prepare their own meals, they prefer junk food. This compact cooker goal is to encourage people in bedsits and bachelor pads to prepare healthier meals. Combination of a hob, chopping board, utensils and a WiFi-enabled screen (futuristic cooker, huh?) to make users easier to access recipes from the internet. As one of Concept Product Competition Finalists, hopefully this Single Person Cooker prototype can win the competition.

The Intended user is primarily the single person and or commuter, where time is precious and preparing a meal is more of a chore than an experience to be savoured. Families, with busy schedules could benefit, together with wider ranging demographics.

compact cooker

Taking styling cues from current trends the concept aims to deliver a contemporary take on kitchen appliances and remove those initial semantic values associated with kitchen appliances, to give an air of ?what is that??

future compact cooker

modular personal cooker

modern personal compact cooker

Looks like we have more choices for our kitchen in the future, modular kitchen by Fevzi Karaman is still a concept, hopefully this compact cooker by Alex Bradley can be mass produced.

Designer : Alex Bradley via Dezeen

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