Simple and Elegant Nautical-Themed Purho Chiara Lantern

By combining Murano glass and brushed brass, Purho has designed an elegant, nautical themed, Chiara Lantern. It draws inspiration from marine life, this lantern would brighten your home with a creative twist. Featuring Murano glass diffuser, a brass base and frame, the result is simple and elegant design that light up the room in a beautiful and subtle way. That frosted surface helps to soften the light and create cozy and relaxed atmosphere, anywhere. [Buy It Here]

Nautical-Themed Purho Chiara Lantern

Purho Chiara Lantern is a rechargeable light, therefore you can easily take it with you around the house. Whether to brighten your balcony or garden in the evening. It’s a nice addition in your house especially when you are already have nautical-themed décor. [Buy It Here]

Nautical-Themed Purho Chiara Lantern

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