Sift Filtration Systems by Cody Moore

Cody Moore has submitted his special project to help people in developing countries, Sift Filtration Systems. This system starts with Sift filter molds, which allow people to use local resources to create their own water filtration systems. No need to wait for anyone, they can create the filtration system from scratch. Why is this important? Because most filters are sent from foreign countries as aid but most often than not, it is rarely considered the inefficient of this process. Donated filters are usually not easy to use, have limited lifespan, and once the filter is not used and discarded, it pollutes the environment.

Sift Filtration Systems by Cody Moore

Sift Filtration Systems by Cody Moore

Sift Filtration Systems from Cody Moore don’t use plastic filters, it uses a semi-porous charcoal filter by kiln firing a vessel. The vessel is made from a mixture of sawdust and clay. Sawdust has ability to grow and shrink, therefore, the vessel can use it as filter. This project progressed by creating a mold from which these vessels can be made into intuitive filtration systems.

Sift mold can be sent to a potter of a local village where artisan can create these filters and sells them amongst wares. The shape of this filtration system was carefully considered to be as intuitive as it can be, especially to more uneducated consumer. Therefore, the design was inspired by common products used in the kitchens.

Sift Filtration Systems by Cody Moore

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Sift Filtration Systems by Cody MooreSift Filtration Systems by Cody MooreSift Filtration Systems by Cody Moore

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