SEV – Space Efficient Vehicle

We’re pretty sure that you are doing everything you can to save money, why not save space at the same time? Do you know that 90-95% of all cars normally just carry one person? It would be great if we can slim down our mode of transportation that is showing signs of becoming seriously obese. A sleek and light-weight vehicles have many advantages, such as better maneuverability, lower emissions, leaner production, and higher fuel economy. The suggested Space Efficient Vehicle (SEV) will do fine as sole vehicle for singles, couples and one-child families and of course during rush hour when traffic is at its worst.

The Space Efficient Vehicle (SEV) was a finalist in the 2008 Michelin Challenge Design, and was put on display at the Detroit Motor Show.

space vehicle efficient

fuel economy space vehicle efficient

The design of SEV is based around 3 wheel platform vehicle, if you can look the picture of this car concept, there are two passengers at the front and one at the rear, this will offer more stable platform than the alternate configuration and at the same time gives the driver a more car-like driving experience.

sleek space vehicle efficient

space vehicle efficient

SEV space vehicle efficient

space vehicle efficient

Designer : Ralph Panhuyzen (project lead and inventor) and Steven van der Veen (visualization)

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14 thoughts on “SEV – Space Efficient Vehicle

  1. I think I like this two wheel in front design better than the usual 1 wheel in front two in back that you seen with most three wheelers.

    the offset seats in front would also give better visibility to the driver and would still allow you to have someone up with you when driving.

  2. I agree with you Car. I also like the two-wheeled front rather than back, and I think visibility might be increased by having the first passenger set back a bit in the car rather than sitting right beside the driver (although, maybe the left-side blind spot would be obscured).

  3. this is very a woderfull thing……actually am aiso thinking to build this type of car but u r lucky first u invnted this m sure……….

  4. It is only a three sitter car and not ideal for a typical family consisting of two children. But for single guys like me, those cars would be very viable.

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