Set of Cut and Serve Boards in Compact Form for Outdoor Meal Prep

Chef on-the-go, here’s a custom packout cut and serve board for you. What a nice cut and server board set to enhance your alfresco dining in wherever adventure takes you. It’s a nice to have especially when you plan to enjoy your meal outdoor, you are prepped for your next picnic. Made in Vermont, each set includes interlocking maple boards where you can use for cutting and the other one for serving. In fact you can also tuck a sharp paring knife between these boards, you are always ready to slice cheese, fruit, bread, and many more. The sturdy rubber strap hold the boards together, in fact, the board can be personalized with your initials, special date, or place. [Buy It Here]

Custom Packout Cut and Serve Boards

Custom Packout Cut and Serve Boards

Custom Packout Cut and Serve Boards

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