Sorapot Will Make You Forget About Classic Teapot

Forget about your classic grandma’s teapot, say hello to Sorapot. Take a look at this futuristic teapot designed by Joey Roth, New York based industrial designer. Joey chose alcoa aluminum because of its advantages over other materials. Roth definitely understands the meaning of this word : “When design meets technology”, this is the coolest teapot I’ve ever seen. The aluminum’s light weight and the ability of metal to transfer the heat combine with the futuristic design, sorapot will complete your modern kitchen. Sorapot should be available this September, 2007.

modern serapot

futuristic teapot serapot

futuristic serapot

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8 thoughts on “Sorapot Will Make You Forget About Classic Teapot

  1. A progressive design with a lack of culinary understanding. It is a proven and well known fact that aluminum causes Alzheimer's and other brain degenerative diseases…

    I would love one… but grandma's trusty kettle will keep working for now.

  2. Sorry, no way in the world. (1) Heat variations will cause gasket to crack. In short time, it will leak badly. (2) I don't see any buffer. Aluminum handle will burn hell out of your hand when you pick it up. (3) Glass breaks. (4) Has no cap. Lots of folks are attracted to the

    whistle of a teapot. It does look neat, but is impractical.

  3. Grandma's tea kettle, with its large flat bottom, can be set down on top of a gas stovetop burner OR an electric stovetop burner. Can water be boiled in the Sorapot, or do you have to boil the water separately (say, in Grandma's tea kettle!) and then pour it into the Sorapot? If the Sorapot is intended to sit over a stovetop burner, the design is clearly not optimal for heat retention and heat distribution. If you put the same amount of water in Grandma's tea kettle and into the Sorapot, and put them on identical stovetop burners, which one will bring water to boil first? That determines which unit is most efficient, and therefore which contributes less to global warming, and costs less to heat the water. No new products should be less 'green' than the old products. If you're going to introduce a new product, be sure it is 'greener' than what is already available!

  4. Other than a new "look" how is this an improvement? One often wants to add "some more water" to tea leaves. No can do! Or, even more importantly . . .

    You have boiled water in something else and now pour it into the end of this marvelous new design. Imagine "assembling" the parts coherantly without having to hold the now very hot glass or acrylic tube. And how do you "set it down" when it is full but not assembled? Insane idea for an insane world. Now about actually doing something for the MILLIONS who need competant design solutions for lives of misery . . .

  5. –edited by administrator, not everyone here is using english as their native language, so easy tim …–

    nice design although it seems impossible to brew tea directly in the kettle. it also seems as there is little to no insulation that the tea would cool down noticeably faster than its counterparts.what ever happened to function over form.

  6. The designer is a clot.

    This is not minimalistic at all, it's something that is glass & aluminium, and doesn't work very well in real life situations.

    It's like designing a Smartphone that can only charge on a special outlet, available no where in the world.
    Or a car that looks gorgeous, but can only run on fuel that doesn't really exist yet.

    Waste of resources.

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