Senza Bike Lock System For Quick and Complete Security of Your Bike

The Senza Bike Lock system is an excellent alternative that makes a bike absolutely secure. The complete mechanism has been incorporated into the bike, making it a lot more easier to grab and go, and as well offers complete safety for quick stops. With the handlebars being separated into 3 pieces, the central piece stays firm on the frame, and the other 2 handles lock together, thus offering additional space plus versatility compared to a standard U-Lock. This system works wonders in rendering the bike almost immobile, especially when a burglar cuts off the lock, since the bike is devoid of handle bras. Furthermore, the lock present on the rear end of the bike helps secure the back tire as well as seat post. This serves great for quick stops and assures complete security proficiently and quickly.

Designer : Jaryn Miller

Senza Bike Lock System

Senza Bike Lock System

Senza Bike Lock System

Senza Bike Lock System

Senza Bike Lock System

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3 thoughts on “Senza Bike Lock System For Quick and Complete Security of Your Bike

  1. F**kget this. Start thinking outside the box, like me. I attatch a claymore to my bike. If they try to steal it, they'll die (and won't steal it), everyone else will die (so they won't steal it) and if I don't disarm it in a certain way, then I'll die (take that mind-control bike thieves!). But no matter what happens, if you don't get past the claymore, the bike gets destroyed (if I can't have it, nobody can!).

  2. I thought that this bike look as a normal bike but people have introduced bike stands where you lock your bike. An m shaped bike stand where you lock bikes which is proven to be effective.

  3. Where are the gears shifters on this bike? with road bike drop handle bars (which are used for this bike) they have gear shifters attached to the bars which are used to form the lock. With the gear cables and brake cables all connected together, this would restrict the possibility of the handle bars being used as a lock because the front brake cable (being short in length) would stop this. Even if it did reach it would create problems or difficulties in locking the handle bars around the bike.

    The lock attached to the seat post is a great idea though, need to work on the handlebar – lock idea though

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