Second Sun Sailboat Concept Features Transparent Hull and Yellow Round Sail

Second Sun Sailboat is a concept inspired by the idea of creating a sailboat with least possible impact on Nature, not just environmentally, but also visually. It’s actually a speculative project that represents our hope for the future where we can travel from one place to another without harming our environment.

Featuring transparent hull made of microalgae-based biopolymer that mimics the water, making it almost invisible. The sailboat looks like it’s part of the sea, its waves and sea creatures.

Second Sun Sailaboat Concept

Furf Design Studio has teamed up with Cesar Pieri to come up with Second Sun Sailboat. We really love the material choice that makes the boat blends with the sea and the sailor, it is easy to admire this boat wherever it goes. You can tell that iconic yellow round sail stays in the sky and look like another sun. The structure and fabric made with plastic waste taken from the oceans, so once it’s a waste but now it helps to raise awareness and preservation. This certainly an iconic sailboat designed and developed to bring awareness of more green conscious future.

Second Sun Sailaboat Concept

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