Seawater Vertical Farm in Dubai by StudioMobile

Studiomobile, an Italian architectural firm, have been working during the last couple of years in the United Arab Emirates and their most recent development is the concept seawater vertical farm. Their design, the Seawater Vertical farm utilizes seawater to keep cool and moisten greenhouses and to transform enough humidity back in to water to irrigate the plants. This project would be very much helpful where the supply of fresh water is limited and not much local cultivations are taking part. This project is very expensive but has been considered feasible because of the urban transport problem and the high soil value.

seawater vertical farm

seawater vertical farm

How the concept works :

Phase 01
The air going into the greenhouse is first cooled and humidified by seawater, which is trickled over the first evaporator. This provides a fresh and humid climate for the crops that in these conditions need very little water as they are not stressed by excessive transpiration.

Phase 02
As the air leaves the growing area it passes through the second evaporator which has seawater flowing over it. During this phase the humid air mix with the warm dry air of the ceiling interspace. thus the air is made much hotter and more humid.

Phase 03
The warm air is forced to flow upward by the stack effect that is temperature induced. In the central chimney the warm and humid air will condense when in contact with plastic tubes where cool sea water is pumped. In the surface of the condenser many drops of fresh water will appear, ready to be recollected in a tank to water the crops and for other uses.

seawater vertical farm

seawater vertical farm

seawater vertical farm

seawater vertical farm

Designer : StudioMobile via TreeHugger

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3 thoughts on “Seawater Vertical Farm in Dubai by StudioMobile

  1. Nice – but it would make a dozen lettuces be worth $100,000/yr as that kind of resources to build a building that tall is only really reserved for expensive employees and their condo apartments. So it gets a 9/10 for design, but a 2/10 for practicality. Growing cocaine could not even justify the costs of construction

  2. Love to see this even 1/2 size here:

    Tuscon AZ

    Davis AZ

    Las Vegas NV

    Reno NV

    Palm Springs-RanchoMirage CA

    No Africa

    Cairo Egypt

    No India


    No NV

    Santa Fe NM

    Taos NM

    Las Crucas NM


    So Spain




    Love the idea & add to complex:




    Condos for 200


    Bus Port



    R&D Labs

    Subway acess?

    Sea, lake acess.

    RR acess.

    Garage for 300 cars?

    Monorail system.

    in One HI rise Farm complex.

    Very Cool.

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