On-Orbit Coffee Cup Design to Use in Spacecraft

Try the on-orbit coffee cup that can show how Pettit’s innovative design can change a simple coffee mug into an exceptional piece. This inventive coffee cup concept came to Donald Pettit’s mind, who is an astronaut, during the mission STS-126. Instead of using a straw to drink his morning coffee inside a heated aluminum bag, […]


Flies Trap Lid Catches Flies When You’re Done with Your Drink

Every year, there are millions of people die from malaria and dengue carried by files, but it’s difficult to eliminate all those flies at once. Flies Trap Concept Lid offers a functional product that also helps to catch flies, this lid gives a second life to a disposable coffee cup. When people finish with their […]


Edison Rustic Lamp Design Demonstrates The Elegance of 19th Century

Gorgeous Edison rustic lamp design that would light up your desk in style. If you’re into industrial style décor or steampunk light, this would be the perfect lamp for you. Handmade in USA, the pipe used is made from real steel, there are five socket variations you can choose and three wood base finishes. Each set comes with […]

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