Salus Concept Mask Protects You from Wildfire Smokes, Dust, and Particulate Matter

Salus is a concept mask designed specifically for fire fighters or anyone who live in areas prone to forest fires. This mask will protect you from harmful aerosols, particulate matter, and wildfire smokes. The brief of this 12 weeks project was to create an internet of things product that can adapt to improve user experience.

In the event of a forest fire in your areas, the air quality can rapidly drop as carbon and toxins are released into the air. Exposed to this air can bring great consequences. Basically polluted air can worsen some conditions such as lung diseases, it can also trigger asthma attacks or a heart attack. These are serious conditions that can lead to death.

Salus Concept Mask Protects You from Wildfire Smoke

Salus Mask offers futuristic design that will protect its user not just from harmful air but also dust and particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, acidic vapors, toxic gases, and many more. Most masks can only filtrate some of those elements, but Salus Mask has been designed with advanced technology to protect user from harmful air pollution that lead to systemic inflammation that cause fatal illnesses. Designed by Tom Dixon, a product design technology BSC student at Loughborough University, Salus Mask concept is able to compute, analyze, and adapt to different type of pollution to protect its user.

Salus Concept Mask Protects You from Wildfire Smoke

Salus Concept Mask Protects You from Wildfire Smoke

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