Saeco Xsmall, An Automatic Espresso Coffee Machines by DesignWorksUSA

The latest coffee maker design from the house of Saeco seems to be a winner, right from the word “go”. It is in continuation with the last revamping that was done for the entire line of coffee machines along with the design arm of the BMW group. It has been dubbed as Saeco Xsmall, and is the smallest of its model. Overall the product has design elements of its previous products i.e. Primea, Talea & Odea. The interface of the product is quite user friendly, with a centralized knob. Also the color combination that has been incorporated by the designers is quite contemporary and surely will find many takers.

saeco x small espresso machine

saeco x small espresso machine

From the website:
Xsmall machines have been designed to satisfy a public of young managers and career women, highly-evolved and urban consumers who live in major cities and in small homes, but who enjoy a dynamic lifestyle. Accustomed to optimizing space and time, the “new yuppies” favour functionality and essentialness in the appliances they buy, without having to surrender anything in terms of design, high performance and quality.

They spend much of their time away from home but this does not stop them creating a “homely nest” in which to enjoy quiet moments of personal pleasure: “islands of relaxation” within their frenetic and stressful daily lives. The selection of objects within the home is the result of a curiosity that drives them to try out the latest products the market offers, in a search for that something extra that makes them feel they are riding the crest of the wave.

The new automatic Xsmall machines are like small, light and compact jewels, in which are enclosed all of Saeco’s technological know-how. Characterised by an ergonomic design and rounded, sinuous forms, the Xsmall espresso coffee machines are the result of a project conducted by BMW Group DesignworksUSA, the German consultancy studio with which Saeco has worked in close collaboration for a number of years.

The new Xsmall machines are the smallest on the market in the automatic machines sector.

Thanks to the ease with which the various compartments can be extracted and to the compact design, they are perfect for small spaces to provide an extra touch of style in the smallest and most modern kitchens.

The Xsmall range has the added benefit of providing a simple and intuitive interface; all it takes to make a perfect espresso is the press of a button.

saeco x small espresso machine

Designer : DesignWorksUSA for Saeco

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  1. This is really awesome, saeco xsmall,an-automatic-espresso-coffee-machines. It ‘s design is too good and very moderate. I want to buy this machine.

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